Why partner with us?

Corporate Partners allow Music Haven to support our students and professional musicians.  With these strong relationships, Music Haven is able to build long-term partnerships with our corporate supporters in the community. Corporate sponsorship is available at various levels and in a variety of forms, from sponsorship of student recitals and free workshops/concerts in the community to sponsorship of our professional subscription concert series by the Haven String Quartet. We also offer advertising space in our Program Book, and have a dedicated following throughout the region and nationally. Our concerts and programs in New Haven and beyond are attended by more than 5000 people each year. 





Who sees your advertisment?

The audience for our Haven String Quartet chamber concert series consists predominantly of college-educated homeowners between the ages of 45 - 75 who are high wage earners. Our supporters, subscribers, and concert audiences tend to be affiliated with Yale University, medical and research fields, professional and educational services, and the finance sector, and span a broad regional geography, including the shoreline. Our student and parent population consists primarily of low-income families who live and work in New Haven, and our studio recitals and free community concerts (more than 12 per year at library branches, parks, schools, and other community spaces) are excellent opportunities for sponsors interested in community engagement and outreach. Because of this unique range of programming and audiences, sponsorship of Music Haven not only reaches high-value constituencies, but also provides an opportunity for and promotes branding around community engagement.

Our annual program book reaches approximately 7,000 people through hard copy and on-line circulation. It is posted on our website and distributed at all concerts, workshops, and engagements of the Haven String Quartet (which include venues as varied as the Yale Art Gallery, the Guilford Library, and private venues throughout New Haven and Fairfield Counties). The book is also sent to all of our of high-level donors and shared with foundations, government agencies, and distributed at conferences, welcome centers, and community events.

In addition to having your full-size or half-page ad in our full-color book, we will also feature your name and/or logo on our website throughout the entire 2018-19 year. We hope that you will take advantage of this unique opportunity to support our award-winning program while reaching new and valuable audiences.