Program Information 

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Music Haven is a tuition-free music program that builds community and positive youth development through music education and performance. We serve students who reside in the Promise Zone neighborhoods of New Haven (Beaver Hills, Dixwell, Dwight, Edgewood, Fair Haven, Fair Haven Heights, the Hill, Long Wharf, Newhallville, West River, and parts of Amity, the Annex, Downtown, East Rock, Quinnipiac Meadows and Wooster Square).

Once enrolled, we make a commitment to our students through high school graduation. We have been around since 2006, and some of our original students first graduated in 2017.

Our programing starts at 3:00 PM. We accept applications for students in grades 1 through 6 (twelve years old and under) who have a school dismissal time that will enable them to get to us in time. Once accepted to Music Haven, students make a commitment to stay with us until they graduate from high school.

Music Haven provides youth with valuable tools to expand their creativity, discipline, communication, teamwork, and critical thinking skills.

No prior musical knowledge is necessary, but you must be willing to commit yourself fully to the program before applying.



  • Music Haven is a rigorous program and all students and their families must be prepared to make a serious commitment.

  • All students will attend:

    • Weekly lessons and classes between 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm two to three days each week.

    • Evening and weekend performances throughout the year

    • Saturday juries twice per year 

  • As a Music Haven participant, parents/guardians are required to:

    • Provide transportation home from lessons and on weekend events (Transportation to Music Haven is provided by school bus from New Haven Public Schools).

    • Make sure students practice at home every day, and also attend two meetings per year with your child and his/her teacher.

    • Make sure that every time your child performs, you and/or other friends and family members are in the audience to support them.

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