About Music 101

Music101 serves 16 new students each year, providing up to 10 hours per week of high-quality instruction from Senior Resident Musician Colin Benn, as well as professional instruction on percussion, guitar, and bass from part-time Music Haven faculty. Music101 predominantly serves students at Wexler Grant Community School between 3rd and 7th grade. 

Students are taught not only traditional string methods, but also a variety of other instruments and music styles, including jazz, rock, blues, and reggae, and complete research-based learning projects, developing literacy skills through their passion for music. At the completion of the programming year, Music101 students are eligible to “audition” for Music Haven’s longitudinal lessons programming, and are admitted based on a demonstration of commitment, effort, and passion for studying music. 


Would you like to know more about Music101? Contact Senior Resident Musician Colin Benn.