Music Haven's Educational Programs

Music Haven provides a rigorous program of one-on-one lessons and mentoring, group classes, ensembles, concert trips, workshops, and more--all 100% free for all of our students. No auditions are necessary. Enrollment is limited to students living in New Haven's "Promise Zone" (low-income) neighborhoods. All programming is taught by our professional, conservatory-trained resident musicians (members of the Haven String Quartet), each of whom teaches and mentors a studio of 15-20 students from 1st grade through high school graduation. Students perform in multiple recitals and concerts throughout the year, and some have the opportunity to perform on stage at professional concerts of the Haven String Quartet. See our calendar of events for details!

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One-on-One Lessons

Music Haven students participate in one-on-one weekly lessons with one of our professional, conservatory-trained Resident Musicians. Lessons range from 30 minutes for our youngest students to one hour for the oldest and most advanced students. Each student is part of that teacher’s “Studio” and stays with that teachers over the years, fostering not only a strong mentoring relationship between student and teacher, but also a long-term relationship with the whole family. Students attend monthly Studio Classes and perform twice per year in Studio Recitals, which provide not only opportunities for performance and demonstrating progress in the one-on-one lessons, but also a chance to come together as a community and support and celebrate all of our young musicians.

Group Classes

All Music Haven students participate in group classes, designed to supplement their experience in one-on-one lessons and provide the opportunity to learn and play music together, preparing the for more advanced ensemble experiences such as our student chamber groups and Harmony in Action, our youth chamber orchestra. Group classes range in size from 4 to 15 students, depending on age, ability level, and class focus. Group classes integrate basic instruction in music theory into level-appropriate group instruction and coaching. All group classes are taught by our Resident Musicians, providing opportunities for our students to work and build mentoring relationships with not only their primary teacher, but also our other outstanding teachers.

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Student Ensembles

Music Haven has a growing number of student trios, quartets, and quintets, which predominantly feature our more advanced/older students, although quartet members have ranged in from 8 to 17. Each group is coached by one of our Resident Musicians, and performs in a variety of concerts throughout the year.

Music Haven Fellows

High school-aged Music Haven Fellows are trained to assist group classes and serve as mentors and practice buddies to our younger students. They also have opportunities for college/concert trips and special workshops and events.