Olivia - Age 10, cellist


When did you start to play? 

In Kindergarten

What makes you happiest about playing music? What’s your favorite part? Why?

I like knowing the piece that you are playing really well so you can work on smaller details and it sounds better. I also like my lessons with Mr. Philip (her cello teacher).

What are the most challenging parts of your program and playing cello? How do you try and overcome these challenges?

The most challenging part of Music Haven is actually starting to play but when I am, it’s a lot easier.

How has your involvement with Music Haven impacted your life? How has it changed you? What would you tell other students who are looking to study at Music Haven?

My involvement with Music Haven impacted my life a lot because I spend 2 or more days a week at Music Haven. I would tell students that want to go to Music Haven that it is really fun, but you might have to start practicing every day and that it could be hard.