Honors Recital

On March 28th, Music Haven hosted its first ever Honors Recital where students who performed on the recital were chosen based on their juries and were able to perform solo and chamber works! Here is what one of the attendees had to say about the night...

"The Honors Recital was a revelation. The evening began with much congeniality between audience members and palpable excitement among the young players, who stood together at the back of the room, waiting to play. I had heard many of these students when they were little kids (playing things such as "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star"), and here they were as teenagers, some of whom were even seniors, graduating out of the program. My hopeful expectations did not disappoint, for each came out proudly, if sometimes shy in speaking, and played challenging works with heart and skill. As a group, the musicians displayed a wonderful diversity of sight, sound, and personality. Boys and girls from 6th grade and up introduced their pieces and launched into them confidently, accompanied by a young pianist who played his heart out. I've been to many classical music recitals, but never one like this, where the players all listened intently to each other, and cheered their encouragement at the end of each piece with whoops and hollers! What a refreshing and gratifying musical evening, for everyone present."

- Sarah Heath