Music Haven Class of 2018…WHERE ARE THEY NOW?

It was great to have our alums back on a recent Friday afternoon to play with the Harmony In Action orchestra and talk about their college experience with current students. Who better to provide inspiration to Music Haven kids than our very own graduates? 


Jeannae’ (to the right) is majoring in Technical Theatre at Central Connecticut State University and reports that while she has grown weary of cup-o-noodles, college life has been exciting. She is really enjoying her classes which allow her to get her hands dirty and hone her power tool skills. 

Given the size of the incoming freshman class at UConn, Damani and Sofia (below to the left) were amazed to find themselves living RIGHT NEXT DOOR to one another in the dorms! Damani, in addition to his string skills, plays a mean sax and Sofia reports that he can be heard through the walls practicing at all hours. Sofia is a studio art major and has had the chance to work extensively with drawing and clay, and is especially excited to focus on photography this spring.

Giovana is hard at work at a UConn satellite campus where she is enrolled as a day student, which means her sisters Giavaya and Giavonda, current Music Haven students, still have to share the bathroom. =]


Robert (above middle) is at Eastern Connecticut State University pursuing Music Education. Over his break he was busy rehearsing his viola part for an opera pit orchestra and is thrilled to have so many opportunities to play gigs!

Noel (right) is also attending UConn and he’s on track to become a dentist. When he recently returned for the January Reunion he reported that the biggest surprise about college life was his discovery that attending sporting events is REALLY FUN!

Stay tuned for more updates as these amazing people continue on their journey!