Introducing HSQ on Audubon

Quartet at ECA.jpg
Upon our first meeting with Haven String Quartet, I already felt an inspiring amount of professionalism from their first note and gestures. The music flowed through their bodies, naturally moving from the sounds being produced. Hearing my composition from a professional string quartet certainly outdid a computer’s midi playback. It felt rich, emotional, and not so precise, made by a human mind and body movement. I am moved, inspired, and curious as a result. I wish to thank them.
— Anton Kot

As part of an exciting new collaboration with the Educational Center for the Arts (ECA), Music Haven and the Haven String Quartet will present a new concert series on Audubon Street at ECA Arts Hall. The first concert in this series will take place on Friday, October 18th at 7:30 PM. Amy Christman, Department Chair of the Music Department at ECA, has this to share about our collaboration:

“ECA students were thrilled to welcome the Haven String Quartet into their music department for a recital and workshop Tuesday, September 10, to kick off a collaboration between Music Haven & ECA for the 2019-2020 school year. Philip, Gregory, Annalisa, & Yaira skillfully and eloquently shared insights and analyses of Shostakovich’s 8th String Quartet, before performing the first and second movements with both nuance and electricity. Despite the informal classroom setting, students were riveted by this world class performance. They were also intrigued to learn more about both the historical context of the piece and also its melodic & harmonic construction. Students left the session with many questions to fuel their continued study as young string players and composers. How can a simple idea be transformed to create a complex musical composition? What political and social practices limit, challenge, or encourage artistic creativity and output? How does a chamber ensemble develop effective non-verbal communication? How do musicians develop the independence and confidence to play both assertively and responsively within an ensemble setting? We look forward to exploring these questions and many more through continued work with the HSQ throughout the year, and especially with students in the Music Haven program!

Our students (as well as faculty!) were truly invigorated by the sessions that Tuesday. It was a wonderful way to kick-start the year and get their creative juices flowing! The quartet was so gracious in reading the student scores, and I think our students were just as impressed at their sight-reading abilities as with their formal performance!”

Philip at ECA.jpg
Absolutely stunning! Whether the Haven String Quartet was presenting a Shostakovich masterpiece or sight reading students compositions, their talent and dedication was nothing but captivating. I feel as though I can speak on behalf of most of the musicians at ECA in saying that this collaboration will be something remembered for perhaps the rest of our musical careers.
— Justin LaBanca