Postcards from Camp: Robert @ Laurel Music Camp

During the summer, when Music Haven programing comes to a break, many of our students attend various summer camps to keep the music going! We asked Robert, who recently visited Laurel Music Camp in June, to tell us about his summer adventures:

"When I finally drove up to Laurel Music Camp on June 24th, I already had a deep underlying feeling of anticipation for the unforgettable. However, what I got was SO much more! After acing my audition and making principle chair for viola, my excitement for the music tripled in value. When I finally got to meet the campers I was going to be eating with for the next week, I was not disappointed. My table was filled with quirky individuals who quickly became my friends.

When Academic Festival Overture by Brahms was placed on my stand during the first rehearsal, I was floored and excited to know I will be getting to know this piece with the first conductor I met at Laurel Music Camp, Ertan Senar. Following that there was an incredible and hilarious show put on by the Boy Scouts!

Throughout the week I became closer with my Laurel family, experiencing many old things in a new light; playing in a quartet for the second year in a row, enjoying Solo night performances, and of course "Nate Webber and the Bassoons (ft. Priya)". My awesome tent mate and my amazing friends never failed to support me in all my endeavors, even though most have only had the pleasure of meeting me 1 or 2 weeks of their entire life. My new life-long friends told me I made their first year special and that they will becoming back to Laurel next year, and I know I will as well."

Robert can be seen here playing David Stone's First Miniature String Quartet.